Yangebup Fair Price Electrical Services power company fined for non-compliance at Padbury site

Electricians have been warned not to cut corners when checking their work after fines totaling $20,000 were slapped on a company and an employee for leaving a Padbury building site unprotected against hazards for Security.

Yangebup contractor Fair Price Electrical Services pleaded guilty in Joondalup Magistrates Court to breaching WA electricity licensing laws after its employee failed to install a key safety component and performed mandatory tests.

The court was told that in October 2019, the employee was tasked with wiring and installing a pole mounted switchboard with power outlets for a temporary power supply for use by builders at the site.

The company then submitted an official notice outlining the electrical work carried out and stating that it had been checked and tested for compliance with WA wiring rules.

However, an inspector who checked the installation nine days later discovered that a key component of the protection system had not been installed, which would have been detected if the required checks and tests had been carried out correctly.

Energy Safety WA director Saj Abdoolakhan said the consequences could have been devastating if a failure had occurred when there was no adequate protection against electrocution.

“By law, electricians are required to carry out their own tests and inspections when working on electrical installations. If the electrician had done their due diligence, they would have easily identified this serious defect,” he said.

“The company then falsely claimed that the electrical work had been checked, tested and complied with regulations when this was clearly not the case.

“There is simply no excuse for cutting corners in any field of electrical work when people’s lives are in danger.”

Romiss Pty Ltd, trading as Fair Price Electrical Services, was fined $15,000 for submitting an incorrect notice for the works and was ordered to pay $737 in costs, while the employee was was fined $5,000 plus costs of $318.