NASENI trains 100 young people on model electrical installation, maintenance in Cross River

The National Agency for Scientific and Technical Infrastructure (NASENI) has started training 100 young people in “Modern Methods of Electrical Installations and Maintenance” in Calabar, Cross River State.

The Executive Vice President/General Manager of NASENI, Prof. Mohammed Sani Haruna, revealed that this is part of the ongoing national skills upgrading of young Nigerians in various fields and professions aimed at Nigeria’s participation in the fourth industrial Revolution.

He advised the youths to take their training and empowerment program seriously as the series of trainings aims to prepare them to contribute to the industrial revolution currently championed by NASENI under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari.

According to the boss of NASENI, the need to equip and/or equip Nigerian youth with new skills to cope with changing technologies and innovations cannot be overemphasized. He said, “Technology is changing and those with old skills in electrical installations are losing their jobs as new techniques for troubleshooting and managing electrical installations come into the industry.”

“The development of cutting-edge technologies or cutting-edge technologies like the innovations shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution is undoubtedly disrupting many things and introducing constant changes and standards.

“These technologies include artificial intelligence (AI); robotics; the Internet of Things (IoT); Big Data: blockchain; Additive manufacturing (3D printing; autonomous vehicles; unmanned aerial vehicles; gene editing; 5G networks; and even smart grid and hustle and bustle for wireless electricity. Every aspect of human endeavor, agriculture, healthcare, industry, transportation, Hospitality, etc. now requires Electricity, even if it is Advanced Electric Power.

Speaking further about the reasons behind the skill building training of 100 youths in Calabar, Haruna explained that installation, repairs and maintenance will no longer be just meter runs, pipes or cable ducts and continuous overhead conductors.

He said the new system of modern electrical installations and maintenance went beyond providing light points and power outlets. It is remote sensing, remote control and wireless automation, therefore the capacity of the already existing electrical technicians required retooling and skill upgrading.

He further stated that “modern electrical repair and maintenance managers must be familiar with current advances in new and emerging technologies and also be prepared and equipped to possess the right skills to meet the challenges and opportunities of the foreseen development of the shape and nature of the next industrial revolution in which Nigeria must participate in accordance with the directive given to NASENI by President Muhammadu Buhari”

The Governor of Cross River State, Prof. Benedict Ayade, represented by the Deputy Governor, Prof. Ivara Esu, thanked Prof. Mohammed Sani Haruna for training and upgrading the skills of 100 youths from the State.

He also thanked the Federal Government and NASENI for bringing the upgrading and introduction of new skills in electrical installations and maintenance to the youths of Cross River State.

He revealed that the Federal Government and Cross River State share the same vision on the need to pursue the resolution of the socio-economic challenges of the country, the creation of jobs for the youths and the reduction of poverty among the population. generally via industrialization and the development of the manufacturing sector of the economy.

In this direction, the state government, he said, has revived the West African Construction and Manufacturing Academy building in Calabar, a building now serving as a temporary site for the new NASENI Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Development Institute (AMEDI), Calabar.

The Speaker of the occasion and Member of the House of Representatives, Advocate Ochiglegor Igbado commended President Muhammadu for his passion for youth development.

He said that without focusing on self-employment and retraining of young people, it is virtually impossible to create adequate jobs due to the large number of unemployed young people leaving schools. Therefore, he urged the trainees to take on-going skills to upgrade electrical facilities and maintenance very seriously, so that it would no longer be necessary to invite foreigners from neighboring countries to fix electrical failures. and maintain facilities in the state.

A list of gear given to the youngsters included a full power toolbox, multimeter, cordless drill, leather gloves and other safety gear.