Launch of a media training program for African experts

An exclusive media training competition aimed at equipping African experts in their sector – such as climate change, finance, public health and creative industry – with media and public speaking skills to improve their public visibility and to obtain more media and speaking opportunities was launched.

Launched by Experts on Africa, in partnership with the African Media Agency, the competition opened on September 20, 2022 and will end on October 14, 2022. Two experts will be randomly selected for this exclusive media training program with the journalist award-winning Joy Wanja Muraya.

Media training will build the capacity of experts to harness the power of media with knowledge of how the media works, the art of influencing reporting, and identifying and linking key messages.

One-on-one sessions will help experts understand reporters’ business tricks, how to meet reporters’ demands, and media interview simulations.

The African Media Agency will share its best practices in engaging with the media, the stories that get media coverage and the added value of media visibility.

Media trainer, Joy Wanja Muraya and the Africa expert team will also support the two winners by writing their opinion piece and placing it in local media.

The media: a point of access to information

As the main point of access to information, the media remains essential and influential in setting agendas, perpetuating narratives and shaping perspectives on Africa and the countries that comprise it.

However, Africans continue to hear about each other in news and stories created and widely commented on by non-Africans, making the telling of African stories inaccurate. This media training is at the heart of the mission of the communication agency,

What’s in it for Africa, which is behind the Experts on Africa initiative, works to create spaces and platforms for Africans to be seen, heard and listened to.

“The media remains one of the most powerful institutions as a global storyteller for millions of people and a leader in shaping public opinion. Therefore, we need more African experts, closer to the issues and the cultural, political and social context of the continent, sharing their knowledge and informing a more accurate public opinion on the continent”, says Uzoamaka Madu, founder of Experts on Africa.

“We are pleased to partner with Experts on Africa to support Experts in their media exposure opportunities through this training opportunity. We must continue to advance local narratives about Africa. This initiative can help experts better showcase innovation, development, creativity and opportunity on the continent,” comments Eloine Barry, Founder and CEO of African Media Agency.

To be eligible for the competition, candidates must have at least five years of experience in their sector – such as climate change, finance, public health and creative industries – related to a specific African country, region or continent. .

Apply here.