‘Kindness matters’: Electric company pays little boy for helping him and asking lots of questions

While most children are told not to bother or ask questions of people who come to work in their home, one little boy was rewarded for it. In a thoughtful move, an electricity company in England has made a payslip to pay its little employee for all his help and it is now going viral, winning hearts online.

Seytons Electrical, based in Hull, recently worked at Laura-Nicole Anderson to carry out work. According to the woman, her five-year-old son Theo was “obsessed” with the workers and never missed an opportunity to help them or be around them.

“He pestered them with questions, kindness and constant offers of help!! I laughed that they would be sick to see us and happy when the job was done,” she wrote on Facebook. However, when the work was completed, a member of staff from the company showed up at their home and handed him a payslip with his £15 salary.

The boy’s mother first shared the payslip on Facebook, thanking the power company for brightening her day.

During the six weeks of work, the curious boy asked ‘lots of questions’, offered them refreshments and helped count casings and measure items for which he was paid the amount of ‘his very first job’ . And the little one was “shocked to bits” about his special win.

The Facebook post drew attention, but the photo went viral when Twitter user Suzanne (@SportySuz20) shared it on her timeline.

After the post went viral, the 34-year-old said LADBible that his son was quite disappointed when the workers left but was left speechless by his earnings. “The first thing he said after ‘thank you’ was that he was happy because he wanted to go and buy his brother an Easter egg,” his mother said of Theo’s plans to spend the silver.

Describing the time Theo spent with the workers, she added: “He made them refreshments, forced them cookies and insisted they give him more work to do. Every question he asked was answered with such kindness, really saving him time despite being very busy. The woman explained that the family hadn’t had anyone in the house for the entire pandemic, “so when they arrived, there just wasn’t enough.”

Not just the family, netizens also loved the sweet gesture and praised the company. While some shared their own stories from their childhood, others remarked on how small things have a big impact in the minds of young people.

In 2020, a similar incident occurred in the UK, when builders left a similar paycheck for a six-year-old boy for all his help rendered.