Electrical company gives Little Boy $23 for helping him around the house

Parents often try to raise their children with good morals, including hard work. They attribute their
children’s household chores and encourage their teenagers to find a job in order to inculcate this value.

One mother must have done a particularly good job as her little boy not only learned to help his family around the house, but also helped passing electricians.

Why a little boy bombarded the electricians with questions

Photo by Emmanuel Ikwuegbu on Unsplash

Laura-Nicole Anderson had hired Seytons Electrical to help her solve electrical problems in the house.

Laura-Nicole’s son, Théo, took an immediate interest in it. When Theo met the electricians, he
asked them question after question, trying to figure out what they were doing in his house.

Laura-Nicole believed that the electricians would be relieved at the end of their work in order
they could finally get away from the little boy who was asking so many questions and trying to get involved.

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“I laughed that they would be sick of seeing us and would be happy when the job was done,” she wrote.

But she discovered that the employees weren’t waiting to get away from little Theo after all. Instead of being angry with his son as Laura-Nicole had predicted, the workers were proud of him.

To show their gratitude, they gave Theo a payslip. He won a total of 15 pounds for all his help, which included measuring items, counting and adding up the number of catches, restoring cookies and excellent volunteerism. He even got an extra bonus for quality assurance, which he showed by asking all his questions.

How electricians chose to feed a little boy’s curiosity

Laura-Nicole called the gesture “the sweetest act of kindness.” She then posted about the exchange on Facebook, and her photos and words garnered thousands of shares and likes.

Although the post went viral, the comments were incredibly sweet. “It’s wonderful, so kind and caring,” one user commented.

“So adorable – there are good people in this world! Sometimes it’s easy to forget that outside of your circles,” another wrote.

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In addition to the generosity of the electrician, Théo also showed incredible kindness. With his first salary, he bought an Easter egg for his brother.

This interaction was a great example of a group of people supporting and encouraging the curiosity of the next generation. Instead of pushing Theo aside, the electricians nurtured Theo’s interest and paved the way for him to continue asking questions, volunteering, and engaging with others.


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“Curiosity is the wick of the candle of learning.” –William Arthur Ward