Dubai police arrest man for scamming electrical repairs

A man has been arrested in Dubai for a scam in which hundreds of customers were tricked out of money for repairs to electrical appliances that were never completed.

Police said the Asian man – whose age has not been revealed – claimed to be a representative of three major companies specializing in the repair and sale of electrical appliances.

He allegedly set up three websites to advertise his services and worked with an accomplice who posed as his assistant and took dates.

The woman was also arrested.

Police were alerted after disgruntled victims discovered their devices had not been repaired.

“We have received a number of reports from locals who said they were victims of an Asian man claiming to be an agent for a number of brands in the UAE specializing in the sale and repair of electrical appliances,” he said. said Col. Saeed Al Hajri, director of Dubai Police’s Cybercrime Department.

“They said he used three websites to advertise his services.”

The agents checked the websites and contacted the legitimate representatives of the companies, who were unaware of the scheme.

The man was located and arrested at his home in Dubai, where police found 600 receipts issued to customers hidden in a washing machine.

A laptop computer and several cell phones were seized.

Police said during questioning that the man admitted that a friend had created fake websites using the logos of the three companies, which police did not name.

The force did not say how long the frauds continued before the man was arrested.

Updated: October 26, 2022, 07:44